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 Krystal's Wet Spot - Female ejaculation is not a myth! Krystal Waters probably knows this better than anyone, after discovering it for herself a while back. Now her site is somewhat of a personal tribute to female ejaculation with how to articles, pictures, and even her own videos. Wow! All women should learn to be this orgasmic.

 Mind Caviar - This site is a delicious smorgasboard of sexuality, complete with erotic photos, articles, recipes, art, and a section on bisexuality. What really gets me going here is the erotic stories, which are incredibly hot and well done. Even if you don't like erotic stories, you'll find other eye candy and mind fodder here to please you.

 Seska for Lovers - This is an incredibly erotic, beautiful site with a little bit of everything for women. Five artistic picture galleries are featured - some of couples and some of solo men. Also check out Seska's writing sections - fact, fancy, and fiction. You'll find everything from quality erotica to thoughtful essays on sexuality.