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Purve for Women!

You'll Find Only The Hottest Guys And Wildest Fantasies At!

 Erotica for Her - Games, zodiac profiles, electronic cards, and other fun stuff designed especially for women.

 Kinky Cards - From bondage to spanking, you're sure to find your kink here - as well as your holiday of choice. These cards are funky and well done, and you'll never run out of options.

 Naughty Cards - It appears that this site is run by the same folks who do Kinky Cards. The only difference is that these cards are less kinky and more vanilla. Suitable for your friends who cringe at BDSM.

 Adult Games & Software Archive - A fun collection of both downloadable and online adult games. Most require a pay membership, although there are around a dozen free ones.

 Erotic Games - A huge depository of free adult downloads, including desktop themes and screensavers. Not the best presentation and organization, but lots of downloads are included.

 Gamebang - A variety of free online games can be found here - including the usual puzzles, memory, and card games. Only good for those with current browsers and Shockwave installed.

 Sexy Adult Party Games - Drinking and sex games are still a lot of fun, even if you are past your teen years. This site serves as a repository for rules for more famous games like "Asshole" and "I Never" as well as some games you probably haven't heard of.

 Tahni DeskMate - A cute little downloadable anime desktop friend can be downloaded at this site. If you're into cartoon redheads, than you'll love this high quality, personal supermodel.

 Vintage Greetings Erotica - A little classier than most, this site offers vintage softcore erotic photos as electronic cards. Both men and women are featured - in a variety of naughty poses!

 Porncard - Most of the images used on this site are from stock porn, and therefore the cards mostly appeal to the male reader. However, there are a few cute cards here - especially in the "Innocent Fun" section.