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 Asia Carrera - Asia Carrera was one of the first porn stars to have a site on the Internet, and it remains one of the best and most entertaining in the adult world. Asia does the site herself, demonstrating her quirky sense of humor with bloopers and behind the scenes pages. If you've ever been curious (or even intimidated) by the world of porn, this is a great site to give you a personal introduction.

 The Official Fake Detective Web Site - Thought that nude picture of Britney Spears was real? Think again! The fake detective debunks hundreds of the most popular fake nudes on the net, showing you how they were made. A fun site for the geeky and non geeky alike.

 Penis Size Links - Wondering if your guy measures up? This collection of links will help you find out more than you ever could want to know about penis size. See pictures of celebrity dick, find out how to measure your man properly, and read some professional opinions on penis size.

 Adult Paper Dolls - If you're even a small anime fan, you can't miss this page. There are so many adult paper doll sets here, ranging from schoolgirls to doms. Your mileage will vary with each set - some include tons of clothes and accessories, while others only give you the ability to undress the doll. A fun site overall! - Retro penis art, a penis on a plate, and two guys screwing a watermelon. Yup, that about sums up this site. A small tribute to the male anatomy - often silly, sometimes obscene, always funny!

 69 Ways to Say "You Whore" - You can be refined and dignified in launching insults, thanks to this handy page. I actually find this more interesting than humorous, as some old fashioned ways of saying "whore" come with linguistic explanations.

 How to Cuss in Brazilian - Gear up for carnival (filled with almost nude women and transsexuals) by knowing a few handy Brazilian dirty phrases. And then you'll find out why Brazilian "brutos" are so famous.

 Fill in the Skank - As opposed to "fill in the blank." What we have here is a choice of ten different themes for kinky stories, which you fill out in a mad lib style. Since the smut is already built into the formula, you don't have to make your words naughty - just as creative as possible. I was pretty impressed with my results, and they definitely made me laugh.

 I Bet You Will - This net show proves that people "will do anything for money." Watch people go crazy for small sums of money, taking all sorts of bets - including sexual ones. Win your own 500 dollars by competing in the bet challenge. Not the most sexually oriented site, but so much fun!

 Models in Masks - "Hey, Kids...Would you recognize any of the world's top models, actresses and other gorgeous women if they were wearing their favorite GAS MASKS?" I got six out of eight right. Not too shabby!

 The Sheath File - Oh the silliness! This site contains a long list of phrases that can be used in place of the oh so bland "prophylactic" or "rubber." Much more enjoyable than an actual condom, for sure!

 Sin and Sleaze - Eighteen completely hilarious covers from old sleazy books are featured on this little site. Although I wasn't really around for 50's, 60's and 70's - this type of art work and copy still gives me a chuckle.

 Synonyms for Masturbation - Have you ever said, "I can't go out with you tonight. I need to get a stain out of my carpet?" Or maybe you prefer, "It's been a while since I've tickled the taco." In any case, this site features a whole bunch of masturbation synonyms for both genders, and they are sure to give you as much fun as doing the two finger slot rumba!

 Truth or Dare - There may be no better way to get to know friends better and create wild memories than a drunken game of truth or dare. Come here to get an awesome list of possible truths and dares, some of them very wild and creative.

 Naked News - One of the best things about the Internet for us Americans is that there is no FCC control over what is said or done. Finally, we have the freedom to watch the news presented by sexy naked women. This site's a bit corny, but I found it to be much higher quality than expected. Check it out for some fun.

 The Butt Guessing Game - A quirky little site that offers up three games (two all male, one mixed gender) in which you match each naked butt to the right face. Mildly entertaining, although better programming could make the games a little smoother.

 Erotic Food - This is a cute little list of erotic food suggestions, many of them focused on fruits and veggies - which is good for a vegetarian like me. Nothing too advanced here, but a few creative ideas that will make

 Sheer Phallacy - Hmmm, I never really thought of the state of Florida as a phallic symbol, but then again, I had never seen the "cock and balls" Florida state capitol building. This site has a hilarious collection of phallic symbols, all with a little commentary. I usually prefer not to review sites with pop-ups, but if you simply minimize the Tripod window (while keeping it open), you'll hardly notice it's there.

 Purity Test - Whew! I kept trying to finish this damn purity test to review it here, but it is just too long winded. Don't they know that people into sex aren't going to like being put to sleep with such a drawn out test? Blah.