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You'll Find Something HOT For Everyone, Including Women And Couples's Sex Test - According to the this test, I will have sex with 59 women and 23 men sometime during the rest of my life. Find out your sexual destiny with this fun test, as well as interesting facts like 1/4 of all Star Trek fans being virgins.'s Slut Test - I'm 72% slutty! And 325 women agree that the man they would most want to sleep with is Ethan Hawk. This slut test is hilarious to take, and you might be surprised at the results!

 Technical Virgin - This is a hilarious parody of abstinence propaganda encouraging anal sex as a birth control method. Complete with a fake public service commercial, this site is sure to make anyone fed up with unrealistic "say no to sex" campaigns directed at teens laugh.

 Obscene Interiors - Have you ever noticed the cheesy 80's decor that most porn pictures have as a background? Well, these interior designers have, and they have gone so far as to critique the backdrops of gay amateur porn. No worries if gay guys in the buff isn't your thing, because these guys have had the class to obfuscate all the naughty parts.

 Porn Star or My Little Pony? - This is a silly little quiz in which a dozen porn star and My Little Pony names are featured. It's up to you to guess if the name belongs to a starlet or a plastic pony. I got 6 out of 12 right, which is no better than guessing. Oh well...

 Random Adult Joke Generator - This may be the ultimate boredom killer for work, until you get bored with it yourself. Reload often for a new dirty joke - often unfunny and long winded, but with a few gems.

 Stupid Penis Tricks - A silly little site with well drawn cartoons of what you could do with a penis but most likely won't.