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An erotic magazine for women, by women. sssh.com combines eroticism, sensuality, ecstasy and passion to bring you a smart and sexy erotic journal for women.

From galleries of gorgeous men and couples,to steamy erotic stories. From articles that will stimulate, mesmerize and fascinate to fantasies, love, sexuality and downright hardcore porn, sssh.com offers an full and satisfying experience for women.

From hot and steamy films and pics to sexy erotic fiction, chat rooms, message boards, advice, romance, sex, confessions and humor... Fulfill Your Fantasies ~ Satisfy Your Curiosity ~ Invoke Your Desires

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For The Girls
For The Girls is a quality women's erotica site that combines a huge selection of sexy photos chosen just for women with an entire online magazine. So you get thousands of pics of naked men, couples photos that will appeal to women, male strippers, hardcore movies and exclusive erotic fiction combined with fascinating articles, columns, sex advice, humor and more. It's all you'll ever need and it's all in one place.
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Couples Erotica
Hiding a love of erotica from your partner is no way to have a trusting and honest relationship, and many women enjoy erotica just as much as men. Viewing erotica TOGETHER is a way to develop a romatic bond and intense sexual pleasure can cement that bond in a wonderful way!Let Couples Erotica will bring sizzle into your lovemaking like you never thought possible.
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Couples Sex
The first site of it's kind, dedicated to the sexual playfullness of couples. Here you will see images, read stories and hear erotica of real couples in the throes of passionate sexual encounters and romantic lovemaking. Couples Sex is where all fantasies come alive.
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With Marcello
There is nothing better then feeling good and confident and seeing the admiring stares when Iím out. Iíve always taken pride in my appearance, looking after my skin, making sure itís soft, silky and smooth, having regular manicures and pedicures. Why not come over to my site and check out what I have to offer. Love Marcello xxx
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Women's Porno
Womens Porno is a site designed and built by women only, therefore we have collected what we consider to be images of men and couples that women will find sexy, romantic, and even wild and kinky! Galleries of gorgeous hunks and muscle bound studs, regular guys that might be your next door neighbor, and also passionate couples engaged in the most intimate acts.
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Wanton, voluptuous, dirty, romantic, hardcore!

For The Girls puts back all the stuff you've been missing
Seduction, kissing, eye contact, romance ~ Female pleasure and fantasy


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