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Erotic pay per view videos from writer/director Candida Royalle...
Realistic eroticism with taste
Candida Royale's: THE BRIDAL SHOWER
Have you ever wondered what women really talk about in private? Take a peek into the sex lives and steamy secrets of five women as they share the turn-ons and techniques that get them through the night, in graphic detail. Watch their bridal shower turn into a sexual frolic as one woman's friends show her the ways to entice her straying husband back into her arms - and into her bed.
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Candida Royalle's: EYES OF DESIRE #2
Lisa's world becomes consumed by the dark, sensuous Daniel Parish, as he takes her to heights of sexual passion she never before experienced. But as she comes closer and closer to her own erotic limits she is forced to make a very painful choice. Is it possible to surrender to intense passion without losing yourself to another?
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Candida Royalle's: RITES OF PASSION:
Writer/director Candida Royalle treats her characters with respect and especially looks out for the women. It's the feminist age of adult movies. Complete class! Realistic eroticism with taste. "In Search of the Ultimate Sexual Experience": Annie Sprinkle shares with us the autobiographical story of a woman whose search for fulfillment leads her through wild sexual adventures until she discovers ancient love-making secrets brought to her by a mysterious adonis-like master".
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Candida Royalle's: URBAN HEAT
A sensual heat shimmers above the city streets, arousing dormant passions. The weekend is finally here, and temperatures are about to rise. As the disco throbs with heavy rhythms, a man and a woman succumb to their own primal dance. A sunbathing encounter on the rooftop turns into every woman's fantasy.Urban heat- for these lovers, it's a dream come true.
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Candida Royalle's: SENSUAL ESCAPE
Fortune Smiles is a touchingly funny walk through the minds of two people who have been dating and are about to take the leap into bed. What is your lover really thinking about before the big plunge? The Tunnel uses beautiful surreal imagery to highlight a mini-drama. A young artist's recurring erotic dream leads her to an encounter with a mysterious man who helps her discover her long hidden and explosive passion.
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Candida Royalle's: SURRENDER
April Hunter is surrounded by the tender passions of couples who come to her to be filmed as they act out their most private fantasies. Because she is fearful of the pain and disappointment love can bring, her own life is devoid of any real intimacy. Until Robert Landon enters her world... Will April surrender her fears to the past? Will she surrender to the thrill of new love?
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