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cfnm or clothed female nude/naked male is about clothed females enjoying nude men, or men who like to strip in front of women. A classic example is hens nights, bachelorette parties and ladies nights out at live male stripshows. Male strippers strip in front of women, who love to watch these hot male strippers get naked and jerk off in front of them. The female audience is encouraged to grab at the male strippers cocks, and quite often you will see the women sucking and wanking the male strippers. 

CFNM parties are becoming more popular as women encourage men to strip for groups of straight females. Women will hold CFNM party nights where the clothed female audience encourages the men to strip naked for them. The stripping men enjoy the attention, a lot of straight men love to peform naked in front of groups of clothed females.

Where to go for CFNM??
There are a few sites on the net that cater for the cfnm - male strippers niche. I have listed the most well known sites here. They have content that is aimed at women and men that are interested in cfnm.

4CFNM - British Male Strippers

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What they offer :: British Male Strippers, or "'Serial Thrillas" as they are also known perform their shows all over the UK. This site also has movies and pics of the male strippers performing live, plus footage of what really goes on backstage afterwards. The female audiences love to grab and suck the strippers cocks.
This is classic cfnm action at its best and is pretty wild stuff!

Watch as these ladies suck and pull at the Stripper's Big Cocks

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