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Weird Objects!

Think You've Seen it All? You Haven't Seen This!

 Museum of Menstruation - This site chronicles one man's ambitious dream of dedicating a full museum to the menstruation. Basically any sort of menstrual history or cultural quirkiness is covered here, from costumes to retro ads directed at teens. Every page here is worth a visit - my favorite being the page dedicated to menstrual slang in different countries.

 Antique Vibrator Museum - Did you know that vibrators were used as early as the 1800's as a treatment of "hysteria" in women? Find out all about vibrators from years past at this little online museum. I'm quite happy to be living in the modern age with the sleek little toys we have!

 A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing Up - While I've personally mastered using public restroom without touching or peeing on the toilet, it does take a lot of flexibility. Peeing standing up is a great alternative to using nasty toilets - just make sure to wash your hands well before and after (something you should be doing anyway). There is also a small, yet informative page on the Kegel exercises to build a tight twat.

 Dictionary of Bizarre Sexual Practices - I don't know what's worse, emetophilia or taphephilia. I suppose if anything, I could be considered an anasteemaphiliac - but that's a stretch.

 Chronology of the Foreskin and Circumcision - A huge detailed history of circumcision beginning with the evolution of the penis. Freaky Egyptian hyrogliphics of men shaving each other's pubic hair is included.

 Rectal Foreign Bodies - Taking "stick it up your ass" to a whole new level! This site chronicles strange things people put up their asses (frozen pig's tail???), with a few x-ray pics. Nothing graphic enough to make your stomach turn and definitely good for a laugh.

 Illustrated Book of Sexual Records - I'm a big fan of strange little sex museums and late night TLC sex shows, so it's not surprising that the world sexual records appeal to my deviant side. Come here to find out about the largest human penis on record and the most extreme reaction to semen. If you dig what you see, you'll have to pay 4.95 to see the rest of the site - not bad considering it's more educational and cheaper than going to the movies.

 Johan's Guide to Aphrodisiacs - Onions are an aphrodisiac? Supposedly they help promote erections - although your partner may not want to kiss you afterwards! More adventurous people can try snake blood, a stuffed pig womb, or a variety of other freakish things listed on this site.

 Sexual Positions Free - For some odd reason, I was originally under the impression that this was a serious site about sexual positions. In reality, it is really mostly a goof with dolls acting out some of the usual and more unusual amorous positions. Funny for a while, but it gets old pretty fast.