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Main: Sites for Women: Erotica

Kara's Adult Playground

Hot Erotic Stories That Will Keep You Up All Night!

 Heart for Her - Heart for her knows what women want... other women! This site features lesbian erotica that is sexy, sensual, and short. No long winded, boring stories here - instead you'll find a variety of very well crafted erotic tales. The poems and haikus are great too, and be sure to check out the erotic paintings.

 Alt Sex Stories Text Repository - If you are looking for a large quantity of stories, you can't go wrong with this Usenet archive site. There is so much content here that I find it difficult to simply browse, although the Collections section offers some good stuff. This is definitely a good site if you are looking for a particular author or niche.

 EroticHa - This site features an anthology of net erotica that is particularly humorous, quirky, or absurd. Nothing better than getting turned on and laughing at the same time!

 Ladies Web - This site primarily features erotica and poetry of interest to straight, bisexual, and lesbian women. It is very easy to find the type of story you want here, with niche categories and sub categories. While the layout is excellent for navigation, the stories range from average to very good.

 My Erotica - As you probably know, quality erotica is incredibly difficult to find online. My Erotica is an erotic fiction site especially for women, and it features some of the best erotica I have read both on and offline. Check out their fiction section, as well as their poetry. You will definitely find something to make you hot!

 Anne's Erotic Stories Archive - This attractive little site features around one hundred quality stories by Anne and her online friends. The stories are fairly easy to navigate - posted by date with small teasers. My only complaint is that the files are PDF only, which seems a bit clunky for this HTML girl.

 Kristen's Illustrated Archive - Sure the stories are a bit long winded and cheesy. No doubt the pictures are old fashioned and male centric. I just couldn't pass up listing an illustrated sex story site though - I love these! Besides, there are plenty of wild fantasies to find here...