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purve - a sex site for women only!

You On Top - Take Control of Your Sexuality @

Fetish Pictures - Pictures of Women - Pictures of Men

 BLACKandWHITE - This site has the best collection of for him and her photos - or just simply for her photos if you are bisexual like me! The men and women featured here are gorgeous, and the black and white pictures are beautifully crafted. Some of the photos are incredibly artistic nudes, and others are sexy half clothed poses that could run in the most glamourous of magazines. No matter what flavor you like, you are sure to find some yummy eye candy here!

 Bodyscapes - While I don't exactly have a fetish for playing on a giant's body, there is something cool about photos showing people rock climbing a breast or skiing down a butt. That's the whole concept of bodyscapes - black and white erotic photos of body parts turned into landscapes. The result is a collection of somewhat sexy, incredibly silly photos!

 Suze Randall - Suze Randall has gained a lot of fame in the porn industry for her awesome glamour photography. While pictures of porn starlets aren't usually my thing, these photos are well done and a pleasure to look at. is actually a pay site, but her preview section has quite a few photos - ranging from softcore to lesbian to fetish.

 Dianora Niccolini - Finally, a site where the male photos are more of a turn on than the female ones! All the pictures here are fairly good, but there are some male photos that just rock my world! My only complaint is that this is on a free AOL server, with rather lame banners. Oh, and that I can't take one of these boys home!

 Eroto - If you are tired of browsing through sites, only to find material that is too violent or graphic, then you'll love this site. At Eroto you choose how political, violent, sexual, and nude you want your photos to be. Even if you are not easily offended, it's a great tool to play around with while viewing dozens of provocative photos.

 eroticart - A small black and white collection of explicit photos. Although this comes close to the artistic style I like, the photos are too (purposely) blurry. Also, no faces are shown in any of the poses, leaving them with a clinical, dirty feel. While I'm happy to see more explicit stuff, this just doesn't turn me on!