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Her Smut - the sexiest guys around!

Her Smut Knows What Women Want! Guys Have Never Looked So...

 Kara's Hot Guys of the Day - Believe me, I know how hard it is for us ladies to find hot men on the Internet. That's why I've decided to offer you six new guys everyday to ogle and enjoy. Delicious!

 Absolute Stud - Finally, a site for women with really hot, nude guys. Come here to vote for your favorite to be featured on the site. About a dozen guys are shown here, most of them with very well sculpted bodies. Add to that a good clean site design with not too many ads, and you can see why this is one of my favorite sites to find male photos on.

 ArtMinds - Growl! While this site is relegated to light nudity and underwear shots, the hotness of the guys makes up for the lack of sex content. Really. I haven't seen so many nice pecs and abs in one place!

 BigKugels - This is a more silly than sexy site that offers all sorts of retro nudes of men. Dating back to the 1800's, pictures include wild orgies from way back when, vintage body builders, and swinging 70's guys. The site is well maintained and organized, with lots of funny photos to look at. A few of the photos are gay oriented (including some hardcore stuff), but there is plenty for women to look at here.

 Dicks! Dicks! Dicks! - This is a fun female run site which is dedicated to the almighty dick. The pictures are okay, but what I really dig are the penis facts and tributes to penis pop culture.

 Hans Fahrmeyer Photography - Although this site is hosted by a company specializing in gay porn, I found the photos of near nude and nude men to be incredibly erotic. All of the pictures are black and white and of high artistic quality. While some are arty, some are funny, and lots are downright sexy. The site design and navigation is poor, but there are many gems to be found if you dig around.

 Ken's Photography - Around thirty good looking guys are featured at this photographer's site, most of them near nude or shirtless. None of the photos here are extraordinary, although there are some cute and sexy poses. Another disappointment is that most of the images are of low or medium quality. Hardly anything here is big enough to use as desktop wallpaper, but at least the yummy assortment of boy flavors makes up for it.

 Male Sluts - A one of a kind thumbnail gallery post, where web masters submit pictures of naked men for you to view. This "too good to be true deal" is actually riddled with bad quality pictures and banner ads, but you will find a hottie or two.

 Men-n-Music - Just as it sounds, this site offers a wide selection of photos of nude men with classical music accompaniment. This is actually a cool idea that could be spectacular with better site design and graphics, but the cheesy way everything is slapped together limits the allure. Nevertheless, the pictures here are pretty good, and medium-high quality once you click on the thumbnails.

 MuscleWeb - Not all women like super pumped, super beefy men, but for those who do, this site offers some good photos. Each of the two dozen body builder featured includes a few seductive pictures. While the pictures are professional and incredibly sexy, they are only of medium quality with no nudity.

 Planet Cock for Women - This site delivers on its promises with a sizable collection of both semi-nude and nude pictures. All of the pics seem to be from stock photography, leaving some a little outdated and unsexy. The free games and puzzles are cute though, not to mention all the men jokes. Good for a browse and laugh.

 Chippendales - Any woman remotely interested in good looking men knows who Chippendales is, and their corporate web site does certainly keep with the Chippendales feel (as cheesy as it is). A few of the beefy dancers are featured on this site, as well as an area where you can choose who gets in to be in the next calender. Some over the top bachelorette kits and clothes I would never wear are also sold. Skip those and head straight to pictures and live performance schedule.

 She Shoots Men - A site for women by a female photographer who has extensively photographed men. This site is somewhat interesting, though I personally don't find the photos of flabby men with semi-erect dicks attractive. I do, however, like the burlesque section, which features freaky photos from Times Square in the 80's. This site is worthwhile in that it provides one woman's gaze upon naked men, although it also seems to show to me that gay men make the best photographers when it comes to male erotica.

 Pics for Chicks - Oh my god! I just can't contain myself. Here we have a site billed as featuring pictures for women, when in reality, most of the images are stock gay art. Sure there's no hardcore gay action per say, but a naked guy in a femme leotard is just taking things too far!