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Fetish Hotel

Mistress Xena says Join Now, Slave!

 Kara's Daily Fetish Pics - If kink is your thing, than indulge in my daily round of fetish pics - including bondage, voyeur, and even transexual photos. Only for those who are willing to see it all!

 Steve Dite Goedde - A delicious collection of female fetish photos, with a specific bend toward latex fashions. This mostly black and white ensemble is well crafted, with a variety of moods and tones well demonstrated. Most of the women are incredibly alluring, with glamourous goddesses and dominatrix divas. A great place to get extreme fashion ideas as well!

 Ascension - Although there is nothing extreme going on in these photos, they nevertheless strike me as extreme. Perhaps the dark, fantasy tones are what make these pictures extreme to me. Some of them look gothic, while others look satanic (in the sexiest way, of course). I'm usually not one for fantasy fetish stuff, but I found these photos to be surprisingly erotic. Maybe I will grow to be turned on by girls with horns...

 Photography of William Poutinen - Incredibly intense and beautiful fetish fashion photography can be found at this site. The best thing about these photos is that they are so well integrated. Mood is set up wonderfully with intricate costumes and unique backgrounds. My only complaint is that the pictures are all small and low resolution - so much so that it is difficult to see any amount of detail.

 White Rabbit Studio - While these are some of the least explicit photos I link to, they are some of the most erotic. The photographer behind White Rabbit Studio is a San Francisco woman who photographs friends in various themed shoots. All of the shoots include her commentary, making the site a photo journal of sorts.

 Anneli Adolfsson - Way cool fetish photos are featured here, including my favorite series of a multi-costumed women running around the NYC subway. Not too raw, not too polished - these photos have a smart and sexy edge that I love.. My only complaint is that there isn't enough of them, not even to pay to see.

 Christophe Mourthe - An amazingly diverse collection of fetish photography, not limited to the standard black and white latex stuff seen on most sites. The pictures here range from gothic and stately to modern and colorful. All of the sets are incredibly detailed and complex, blending well with the costumes and models.

 Kinky Machine - This site has a respectable collection of fetish photos - including a bit of attention toward submissives and body art. Most of these photos have a punk / gothic feel, which doesn't really work for me this time. I do like the usage of abnormal camera angles and color though, which produces fetish photos unlike any I have seen online.

 Lust of the Eyes - This is a great site for people who are interested in erotic fetishes but are not comfortable with some of the extreme photos out there. Lee Stranahan exhibits a wide range of photos on this site, many of which have a soft fetish edge. I find many of these photos to be unique and well done, although some of them have an amateur look to them.

 Flash Mountain - With so many exhibitionists on the Internet, I find it difficult to call exhibitionism a fetish anymore - although flashing in public has got to count! This site is a cute take off on Disney's Splash Mountain - with girls flashing on the ride. (Note to visitors: While I haven't flashed at Splash Mountain, I have had two different guys get me off on the ride without my prompting. Must be something about that ride!)

 Hein Lass Photography - Wow! The vast scope of photography on this site is amazing. All sorts of fetish subcultures are represented: gothic, goddess, and fantasy - as well as some figure nudes and fashion photography. This is a great introduction into the non-bdsm fetish world for anyone wondering what sorts of dramatic scenes can be created. Not all of the photos are exactly my taste, but I found quite a few that I liked.

 Dita Von Teese - Dita is a lot like a modern day Bettie Page, causing a lot of mainstream crossover into the fetish world. Although her site does not feature much for non paying members, a few of her photos are shown - as well as an audio and video clip. Keep your eye on this girl! She's very sexy and coquettish - sure to be famous in years to come.

 Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball - Head straight to the "Pictures from the Ball" section on this site to see hundreds of real life people decked out in fetish wear for Halloween. Beyond getting some cool costume ideas, you'll definitely see some sexy partygoers. My only problem with this site is that you have to submit your email address to enter the gallery, but it's a small price to pay for so many free photos.

 Nylon Stockings - If you are at all familiar with Suze Randall's photography, you know she has earned a reputation for creating polished, glamourous photos. This web site is a small collection of those photos by her which feature stockings and feet. Most of these pictures seem a bit too posed to be erotic, however the occasional crazy shoes or outfit makes the site worth visiting.