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Kara's Adult Playground

How Hard Do YOU Want It? Find Out How Wild Your Fantasies Can Get!

 Kara's Daily Nude Pics - Free nude pics of all sorts of kinky women, updated daily. Always original and exclusive content, these images tend to be more mainstream than artsy.

 Debenport Fine Art Photography - I was surprised to find out that Robb Debenport is not a professional photographer and that his models are not professionals as well. His photographs are so beautiful and polished that I assumed they had been featured all over in print media. The women he photographs are lovely as well, with gorgeous bodies that exude sensuality.

 Michele Serchuk Photography - Michele Serchuck is a NYC photographer of women who has a bit of lesbian and bdsm flavor thrown into her erotic images. The pictures she takes are not only appealing because they are sensual but also because the women featured are incredibly sexual in real life - not just models playing dress up. The site is easy and enjoyable to navigate (click on erotica portfolios) with text commentary for each image. Quite the girl friendly place for looking at pictures of other girls!

 Michelle7 - This slick site features a large collection of professional nude photos, most of them black and white. It appears that the site's primary purpose is to promote talented photographers, ranging from those in the fashion industry to digital masters. The amount of erotica here is overwhelming - taking a few hours was not enough for me to view it all! While almost all the photos are artsy and of women, there is a great variety of styles exhibited. You're sure to find quite a few things to match your taste.

 BoobScan - This site's wacky, but it's one of my favorites! The premise: women from around the world scan their breasts in a photo scanner and compete for visitors' votes. I think it's pretty neat to see how different shaped and sized breasts scan. There is a small guys section, but it's not very sexy - just of overly hairy chests. Enjoy the fun stuff here, and if you are brave enough to send them a pic - send me one too to post!

 Marc Collins Photography - Although I don't think I could ever tire of black and white artsy nudes, a little color is a welcome change - as long as it doesn't look cheesy. This site offers some beautiful photos in blues, as well as some soft color glamour shots. The over all feel of the erotica is retro and classy, with a fair amount of theater thrown in. Good stuff!

 Photography by Jessica Nye - Jessica Nye is an up and coming photographer with a wonderful eye for the female body. Her photos are creative and sensual, often black and white in an outdoor setting. She also has a few body painted photos - which are always a favorite of mine. From feminine to trampy to flower-child-retro, these pictures exhibit a wide range of style and beauty.

 Pin-up Zone - As pin-up girls from the 40's and 50's have gained cult status amongst young people, the number of tribute sites has grown enormously. Pin-up Zone is one of the best, with a huge collection of pictures of the most popular models. There is also a fair amount of biographical and historical information for most girls, which I enjoyed a lot. This is a great place to find surprisingly sexy photos, as well as funky lingerie ideas.

 Sandrine Hermand-Grisel Photography - Entirely in French, this site features mostly black and white artistic photos. Some of them are minimalist, while others are quite surrealist. All of the photographs are fascinating and exquisite. All of the pictures featured are of medium quality - not quite large enough for a desktop picture, but a good amount of quality and detail.

 TiNkA Cam - Tinka is one of the few women on the web that I actively lust over. She has a beautiful natural body, and an even more impressive eye for photography. Her photos are incredibly sexy, without being more revealing than an R rated movie.

 Artflex - Now I think I'm pretty flexible (doing a few hours of yoga a week), but I have nothing on these women. Artflex is a site dedicated to "nude contortion," which brings about some very interesting poses. I was surprised to find some of the images here erotic, and many more are beautiful. This may become a new fetish of mine!

 Beauty in Simplicity - Jarrid Rockman is a young photographer who has already mastered a great deal of versatility with female nudes. His outdoor pictures are particularly striking, as well as the masked photos with a fetish edge.

 DeWalt Fine Art Gallery - Imagine Salivador Dali as a photographer and digital manipulator of female nudes, and you pretty much describe the types of photos found on this site. These pictures are black and white surrealism at its best, without any of the self loathing baggage that Dali carried around. There are some awesome photos here, although some may strike you as a tad bizarre.

 Entre Nous - What this site lacks in quality is certainly made up for in quantity. Hundreds of nude women are featured on this site - enough to see all types of girls and photos. Some of the pictures are polished and erotic, while others are gritty and raw. While this is probably a good site for some, I had trouble sifting through all the photos to find a few I really liked.

 Heartbeat of Nudes - A small collection of Japanese erotica with novel experiments in angles, shadow, and color. There are also some elegant black and white outdoor photos, as well as a bizarre slide show with a mummy theme.

 Painted Shadows - Painted Shadows features a beautiful collection of bronze painted female nudes, as well as a few other artistic nudes thrown in the mix. This is a wonderful site for finding innovative photos, however the site design leaves a bit to be desired. The navigation is quite confusing as well - be sure to take the thumbnail tour at the bottom of the site to see all the photos.

Matthias Peter Photography - Although there aren't a huge number of photos on this site, it definitely has the potential to be one of my favorites. Unlike most erotic photographers I find on the Internet, Matthais Peter has extraordinary range in his work. His photos are sometimes flamboyant, sometimes coy, and quite often over-the-top sexy. I can't wait for him to post more of his work!

 Taylor Monroe - Taylor is a beautiful blonde with a near perfect natural body who has set up a web site for her personal erotic photos. Her site is simply for self expression's sake, without any advertisements or outside links. This site is very well done, and the photos are incredibly lovely. My only complaint is that many of them are very small - so much so that it is difficult to make out any of the photos' details.

 Ugly Babes - This site is not for the faint of heart, but it did give me a few laughs. This site has gone out of its way to find pictures of ugly women getting naked - as well as unflattering poses of otherwise attractive women. Some of the stuff here is pretty extreme, and you definitely won't find any beautiful photos. However, it provides a high freak factor and something wild to send to your friends.

 Virtual Boxon - This is a neat little site run by a French couple who go antique hunting looking for old erotic photos from the late 1800's. I don't consider many of these photos to be erotically stimulating, but I still like the slapstick, vaudeville feel that they have. Proof that the French have a long standing history of being sexually charged!

 Warner Figure Index - Warner Photographs is a studio specializing in glamour photography with a retro feel. The figure section has a nice tiny collection of female nudes - most of them high quality. Almost all the photos include some sort of interesting use of props, with subtly developed eroticism. A great site for beautiful women and beautiful bodies!

 Morey Studio - This site features a large number of black and white photos to browse, although most of them are quite similar in style. Many of the images are erotic and well done, although there is nothing particularly innovative or edgy. Site design is adequate, although not flashy or aesthetically appealing.

 SelfArt - Here you can find a large collection of nudes featuring a slender Russian model. Some of the photos are run of the mill, while others are rather creative and interesting. Unfortunately, this site doesn't really offer enough versatility and variety to keep me interested, hence its low rating.

 Vintage Porn - I eagerly explored this site hoping to find lots of cute Bettie Page type pin up photos. While there are a few of these to be found, the site is mostly comprised of vintage exhibitionist and hardcore photos. These aren't especially sexy or my thing, but they are interesting to look at. The site layout is not my favorite with silly backgrounds and a typical porn style set up. Beyond that, two of the main menu links are not active - leaving me feeling incredibly unsatisfied.