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Xana and Dax - When Opposites Attract

This is one of the hottest porn videos I've watched. The fact that I actually sat down and watched through every minute of it was surprising enough, let alone how involved I felt as I was watching.

The first half of this video shows short snaps of the action overlaid during an interview with Xana and Dax. This isn't your typical cheesy scripted porno interview though. This is a hot interview where they talk about how they feel about each other, how they met, and why they make each other so damn hot. In short, they actually talk about the feelings behind the act and the romance between them.

I was hooked! It's obvious that this is a real couple having real sex. There's lots of slow, sensual touching, cute sweet nothings whispered, smiling and eye contact. Definitely a refreshing change from some of the recent porn that I've been subjected to. They are both very hot, in a natural kind of way. I also dig Xana's colorful tattoo on her back - it's great artwork.

If you just want to see some honest to goodness hot sex, you can fast forward past the interview (although it's really erotic stuff) to around the 17 minute mark. All of the snippets of action that you saw during the interview are revealed, and you can watch the hot sex scene in all of it's entirety.

Lots of kissing, touching, and rubbing take place between blowjobs, 69ing, cunnilingus, masturbation, cum swallowing, and hot hot sex. Instead of a degrading facial at the end of it all (as porn is so in love with doing), they actually cuddle. If you're looking for thoughtful porn that shows you the romance between a couple along with some very hot sex, you will end up glued to your seat for the entire 45 minutes of this fabulous movie.

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