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Lawn Service

It was a very hot summer and I was suffering. I was hot and very horny. The heat always did that to me. I was bored and decided to mow my lawn before it turned into a jungle. Weeds and bugs had taken over my back yard. After mowing it the lawn looked worse than it did to start out with. I decided I needed to do something about the lawn before my big 4th of July pool party.

I called to have my lawn fertilized and I was very happy to open the door and find a gorgeous dark haired man with sparkling green eyes and nicely tanned skin. He was around my age, early 30’s. When he lifted the lawn spreader from the back of his van, I could see his muscles rippling. I was getting wet just watching him move. He spoke to me in a sweet southern drawl which just turned me on even more. I was such a sucker for an accent especially that of a good looking country boy.

The day was extremely hot and humid. I wore a filmy little sundress with tiny spaghetti straps, no bra so my full breasts moved freely under the thin material. I walked around the yard with him pointing out problem spots I wanted to make sure he took care of. I made sure to bend over often to give him a good view of my cleavage, which did not go unnoticed. At one point I got down on my hands and knees in the grass to point out a clump of strange weeds. I made sure to hike my dress up a little so he could get a good view of my thong. I turned around to get his reaction and found him staring at my tan, firm behind. I could see the bulge of his erection in his khakis, a very large bulge.

I was glad he enjoyed the view. I decided I was going to enjoy watching this fine specimen of a man working in my yard.  I sat down by the pool and watched him while he worked. He looked so hot and miserable pushing that big, heavy spreader around the yard. At one point he took off his uniform shirt and threw it on the hammock in the yard. I just stared at his tan chest, chiseled with muscles and covered with sexy dark hair. Part of my yard had a slight hill and I could see his arm muscles strain and bulge as he pushed the spreader back up the hill. Sweat covered his skin making him glow like a bronze statue.

As he worked, I imagined those strong arms wrapped around me, that muscular chest pressed against me, and that massive bulge buried inside me. I was getting very hot and it wasn’t from the temperature outside. My thong was getting soaked and I could feel that aching need deep inside. I couldn’t help myself and slid my hand under my dress. I moved my thong aside and slipped a finger into my already drenched pussy. The thong was getting in my way so I tore it off and threw it onto the patio. I pulled my dress up to my waist and spread my legs wide open. I had my eyes closed. I was so lost in my fantasy I did not hear him walk up to me.

He asked me, "Is there anything else I can do for you today ma'am?"

At that point I was so aroused it didn't matter that a complete stranger was standing in front of me while I had my fingers buried inside my pussy. My yard was surrounded by a tall privacy fence, plus there were not any neighbors close by. So I stood up facing him, slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let the dress fall to the ground. I walked over to him and reached out to undo his pants. I undid the button and pulled the zipper down. I got on my knees and pulled a very large, stiff cock out of his pants.

I moaned and said, “Today is definitely my lucky day,” and I started licking his shaft, circling my tongue all around it right up to the tip. When I reached the tip I wrapped my lips around him and sucked it in as far as I could. He was so large I couldn’t fit the entire thing in my mouth, but I did my best. Moving my mouth back and forth, sucking him hard as he thrust against me. I heard him moan and saw his knees shake. I stopped; he wasn’t going to come yet. I told him to get undressed. He kicked off his shoes and slipped out of his khakis. I led him over to a large lounge chair.

“Lay down on that chair,” I ordered him.

“Yes, ma’am,” was all he said. He lay down on my lounge chair big enough for two.

I  climbed onto the chair, moving in between his legs brushing my breasts across him as I moved up positioning myself above him, my hot aching, pussy pressed against his hard throbbing cock. I stared into his beautiful green eyes. I pressed my mouth against his and he eagerly kissed back. Passionate kisses just the way I liked; lots of lip, not too much tongue.

I reached down to guide him into me; I’d never had something that big inside of me before. I was so wet he slid in easily. I rode him hard, grinding my body against his, feeling his hips thrust, pushing deeper and deeper inside me. I came hard and fast exploding onto his massive cock.

“Lay down, ma’am, I want to taste you.” I did what he wanted and he spread my legs wide open climbing between them. First he kissed my lips, trailed down my neck to my breasts and kissed them, then sucked my nipples, first gently, then harder. He gently nibbled at them with his teeth. Then he ran his tongue across them and starting moving down until his face was between my thighs. There he licked all around my outer lips, dipped his tongue in to taste me and then moved up to find my clit. He was very skilled and knew just what to do. Soon I climaxed again. He licked up all the sweet nectar that flowed out of me, pushed my legs up and back and inserted his hard dick into me again.

Those southern boys really know how to please a woman. My pussy was still pulsating and I could tell it was driving him wild. He thrust into me hard and fast, I screamed so loud the neighbors probably thought someone was killing me. He hit places that had never been touched before. He was sweating and moaning, fucking me wildly. I knew he was getting close. He pulled out of me and shot a stream of semen across my breasts. Breathing heavily he collapsed beside me on the lounge.

“I hope that was satisfactory, ma’am.”

“Oh God yes, that was wonderful. By the way my name is Roxanne.”

“Well, Roxanne, my name is Rob and I think I’m hotter and sweatier now than I was to begin with. Do you mind if I take a dip in your pool?”

“No, I don’t mind at all. I think I’m going to join you.”

He stood up and dove into the pool. I grabbed a towel and quickly cleaned the sticky stuff off my chest and jumped into the pool with him. That man really looked good wet. After he did a few laps in the pool he swam up behind me and wrapped his arms around my body. I could feel his erection pressing into my back. Wow, already hard again. Not only is this guy gorgeous and hung like a stallion, he has stamina too! I thought to myself.

He pressed me against the side of the pool and entered me from behind. The water splashed around us as he thrust his big shaft in and out of me. The cool water felt good against our naked bodies as the hot sun beat down on us. He told me to turn around and face him. My back was now pressed against the side of the pool and I wrapped my legs around him. His cock was angled to rub my clit and still hit all the right spots deep inside. I could feel the tingling sensation moving throughout my body as he pumped faster and harder into me. I felt the rush of hot semen flood inside me as I quivered and came with him.

We climbed out of the pool and I gave him a towel. I watched him dry off his gorgeous body, admiring every inch of him. I slipped my dress on and watched him gather up all of his lawn equipment. All I could think was that he could spread me anytime. He finished and packed his equipment back into the van. I never took my eyes off him.

He walked up to me and handed me the bill along with his business card.

“I also do some handyman work on the side and during the winter. My cell number and home number are on the back of the card, you can call me anytime, for anything.”

“Thank you, I will be calling you.”

And I did, every chance I could get.

Written by: Roxanne Rhoads
Author Website: http://www.roxannesrealm.blogspot.com/

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