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Shower Time

Water cascaded down her naked body, streaming over her high firm breasts, running over her firm buttocks, trickling into her most feminine places. He watched her silently, not wanting to alert her to his presence.

She poured shower gel onto a loofah and began to soap herself liberally. Water mixed with suds covering her body in the most sensual display he had ever seen. She gently rubbed the sponge first around her neck and shoulders in round motions. As she moved down her body his cock grew harder and harder.

The soapy loofah was circling her tits now, causing her nipples to stand erect and so inviting. Her eyes were closed and she moaned softly in relaxing pleasure. Her hand moved lower, gliding over her smooth tummy and down to her pussy.

The triangle of red hair was neatly trimmed and topped a beautiful bald gash. Her cunt lips were slightly swollen with pleasure and he caught the slight scent of her femaleness over the fruity smell of the soap. As he looked on she began to generously soap and rub her genitals. Her hips moving slightly in a motion of pure lust.

His own hand trailed to his groin rubbing his dick almost absently through his jeans. Her other hand rubbed her breasts, gently squeezing and caressing them. He almost gasped aloud as she dropped the loofah and buried her fingers into her wet aroused slit.

She ran 3 fingers up and down her cunt lips, deep into her crevice, She picked one leg up and placed it on the water spout, he could see perfectly as she plunged first one and then two fingers into her pussy hole. She began to finger fuck herself slowly at first. Her other hand was now pinching and pulling at her large nipples, her head was thrown back in pleasure.

The speed of her stroking digits increased and her hips were now thrusting hard and fast against her wrist. All at once she cried out her release and slumped against the shower wall for a few moments. He was mesmerized as she pulled her fingers out of her sopping pussy and brought them to her lips. She sucked each one slowly tasting her own sex.

She then resumed her showering as if nothing had happened. He stood up then, deciding to make his presence known. “Good morning, precious.” He drawled with a big grin. He had slid out of his own clothes and stood before her fully nude, his erect dick standing at throbbing attention.

She saw him perfectly through the clear glass door and her face flushed as she realized that he had just watched her masturbating. “Oh God, I am so embarrassed,” she stammered crossing her arms over her chest.

He opened the door and stepped into the shower with her. “Don’t be, that was the best way to start my day. There’s only one way to make it better.” He smiled devilishly and pulled her wet body against his own. His dick pressed into her rear as he moved sensually against her.

She moaned and reached between her legs to grab his cock and guide it into her tight pussy. He cried out as he entered her velvet softness. She was hot, wet, and so tight. He knew that he would explode in climax in just a few moments.

Together they moved, his fingers were dug into her hips and her hands pressed against the shower wall. His thrusts grew deeper and faster; the feel of her cunt clinging to his hot flesh was pure ecstasy. “Fuck! I’m cumming,” she moaned out and he felt her entire body tighten around him milking his own cum from deep inside him.

With one last great stroke he filled her with his hot seed, stream after stream of it flooding her womb. She straightened up and he held her close against his chest, the warm water washing over them.

Written by: Lliandrin
Lliandrin's Erotica

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