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The Kitchen

Susan was lying on the couch in her underwear watching a movie. But she was thinking of Steve, his beautiful body, his green eyes and dark brown hair. Susan's ran her tongue across her top lip as she thought of Steve, lust filling her mind and body. Finally, the door unlocked and Steve was home. Excited and wet she leapt up and raced for the door. He stood there looking so gorgeous in his tight jeans and white t-shirt. As he entered the room he noticed Susan's beautiful, heaving breasts as they almost toppled out of her bra from her excitement. Grabbing her around the waist, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. "I'm so fucking horny", she whispered into his warm, wet mouth. "fuck me now!"

She took his hand and led him into the kitchen, her nipples now peeking through her white bra and a wet spot forming on her matching panties. Steve followed her, a bulge forming in his jeans. He knelt down and gently kissed her belly, sending a delicious tingling feeling through her body.

Susan gasped with pleasure and her hands grabbed at Steve's head to pull him closer. He continued to lick and kiss at her belly, now and again drifting down to her still clothed pussy to blow warm air on her. He gripped her panties with his teeth, pulling them down in one swift move. He flung them on to the floor and nosed her pubes as Susan began to moan and breath heavily. Burying his face into her wet pussy, he reached up and removed her bra, her breasts spilling out into Steve's gentle hands. He gently licked Susan's slit once more before moving over to the refrigerator. Pulling it open, he removed a punnet of strawberries.

He took out two placing one in Susan's belly and the other between her breasts. He licked at the strawberry on her belly button eating it up. He continued to lick up and down her body and finally moved onto the next strawberry. Licking Susan's cleavage, he moves the strawberry up and down between her breasts. Susan moans at the unusual sensation. Steve continues moving the strawberry lower and lower down Susan's body, until he reached her pussy, shoving the strawberry into it with his tongue.

Susan gasped and Steve could see her pussy contract with the strawberry smothered with her juices. He pushed the strawberry further inside her. He covered her with his mouth gently sucking until the strawberry was in his mouth again, now covered with Susan's pussy juices. Slurping at the strawberry he sucked it down eating it and moved to turn Susan over onto her stomach. He reached over and grabbed a jar of honey, dipping his finger in and smearing all it over Susan's pussy lips. He then stuck his tongue deep inside her making her writhe in pleasure.

Steve was so horny now he felt like his cock would burst. He grabbed Susan, running his hands over her inner thighs positioning his cock right at her entrance. He rubbed it against her wetness, gently her parted her lips and slid it gently in. A moan escaped Susan's lips as she felt the tip of his cock entering her. Susan moaned louder, as he slid the rest of his huge hard cock into her pussy. As all of him filled her, she squeezed the walls of her pussy, a moan now coming from Steve. He began to pump his cock in and out of Susan's pussy, driving deeper and deeper with each stroke. He continued to pound away at her pussy making her moan louder and louder.

Grabbing her thighs, Steve pounded harder than ever before, grunting as he invaded Susan's body with his huge cock. Susan screamed "That feels so good baby, fuck me harder". Steve slammed his cock into her pussy, feeling the cum build in the base of his cock, his balls slapping her ass with every movement. Susan let out a loud scream as she began to orgasm wildly, her pussy squeezing onto Steve's cock. The cum spewed from Steve's cock, the first spray going into Susan's pussy, but he pulled out letting the rest spray on to her body. Just as her orgasm began to die down, Steve shoved his fingers into her pussy pumping them quickly, sending her to orgasm again. Susan pulled Steve down on top of her and kissed him deeply, their sweat, and cum messing all over their bodies.

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