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Waiting For You

I am lying in bed waiting for you. The clock shows 1am. I have placed candles around the room and put on some erotic music. I have taken a long hot shower, shaving my pussy so that is it smooth for you, as you love my pussy this way. I am laying there, my pussy wet and aching for you.

I hear your car pull up, I hear you walking to the door, turning your key and coming inside. You turn off the lights I have left on for you.

The stairs begin to creak as you walk up them and then you are in the bedroom with me. You look at me on the bed, you eyes feasting over my body. Your eyes staring at my erect nipples, then moving down to my bald pussy. You can see how wet I am.

Then you sit on the edge of the bed slowly undressing, revealing your body to me. I watch you, my eyes roaming all over you, seeing your beautiful body I smile at you. Then you are on the bed beside me, we begin to kiss, our tongues in each other's mouths. I begin to kiss your neck and your ears, you moan softly at me as I reach for your hard cock. Slowly tracing my fingers along its length and then grasping at you harder, stroking you. Your hand reaches for my breasts teasing my nipples making them ache. You take my nipple in your mouth gently sucking it, twirling it with your tongue. Moving your mouth away, I smile at you, wanting your mouth on my nipple again.

You reach down to touch my pussy. I try to push myself up to you but you tease me. Slowly running your hands on the inside of my thighs, my legs spread open wanting you to touch me. Your hand runs up over my lips to my clit and back down again. Then your hand covers all of my pussy rubbing it all over. I move myself trying to get your fingers to penetrate me, my breathing becoming deeper. You slide down the bed and your tongue starts to lick slowly and gently around my pussy lips. I push myself hard to your face wanting more. Your tongue slips inside me, tasting my wetness. Lapping it up you lick from my ass right up to my clit. My body starting to tremble all over, you increase pressure and speed with your tongue.

You look up at me playing with my breasts, squeezing them and pulling my on nipples harder and harder. I know that I am about to cum. Licking faster and sucking my clit into your mouth, my thighs clamp around your face and I moan loudly as I cum. You don't stop licking my clit, sucking it and making me cum again. Still licking as me you slide your finger inside my pussy fucking me..

I try to push you away as the sensation on my clit is becoming too much. I try pulling you up on top of me wanting your cock inside me. You tease me rubbing your cock against me. Your cock becomes so wet from all my juices, you slide it inside me. My pussy grips you tightly, I hold onto your body as you begin to enter me more. I take all of you inside me, every inch of your hardness, and your balls are slapping against my ass.

You begin building up speed, as we both need each other so badly. I lock my legs around your back, pulling you into me, trying to devour you. Your strokes become faster and faster. My pussy is gripping at you tighter as I cum again, feeling your cock needing release. Your cock fucking me so fast now, harder with each stroke. Your balls aching now, you need to fill me up with your hot cum. I begin to scream as you spurt your hot cum inside me, and then we slowly come to rest, kissing and cuddling feeling safe in each other's arms.

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