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Off the Mat

After the fifth downward facing dog my hubby had given up on Yoga. He sat over to the side and watched me as I finished the video. We had decided together to change our lifestyles. To get away from frantic day to day stress and become more centered, more whole. Yoga seemed like a logical step in that direction. After years of working and not working out we didn't want to go to a gym so we bought some maps and a good video.

I loved the way that my body felt as I stretched into all of the poses. By the end of the video I was strangely relaxed if a little wobbly. I bent at the waist and rolled up my mat. I felt my husband come up behind me his hard cock pressing firmly into the crack of my ass through my shorts. His arms went around me and fondled my breasts as he whispered in my ear, “I never knew you were so bendy.”

I giggled and pushed backward into him straightening up. We fit together so perfectly. His mouth found my throat and he licked and kissed a trail from one ear lobe to the nape of my neck and around to my other ear. It felt so amazing my nipples hardened instantly pressing tautly against the sports bra I was wearing.

“God you're so sexy right now,” he murmured low rotating his hips against me in a very nasty fashion. I could feel my pussy flood with need and I moaned softly closing my eyes as my body drank in his presence. I felt his hands tug down my shorts and underwear and I felt his torrid hot flesh hard against me. He guided his dick to my slick opening and in one deep stroke entered me.

I cried out as I was filled with his thick erection. I bent at the waist again so that he could go deeper inside me. I could feel the stretch in my thighs and calves and it was oddly erotic. He grabbed my hips in his hands and plunged farther into my wetness moaning aloud his pleasure.

With a firm hold on my hips he began fucking in and out of me hard and fast seeming to go deeper with every stroke. I was frantically fucking him back slamming myself to meet his thrusts. It was wild and animalistic, a faint sheen of sweat covered our bodies and the only noise was our grunting and moaning. I knew that I would not last long without coming.

In just a few more strokes I felt my orgasm rush through me sending me on wave after wave of mind blowing ecstasy. My pussy tightened around him and he cried out as I felt his hot cum flow into me, his cock pumping it out into my awaiting cunt.

He pulled out of me then and turned me to face him, holding me close against his chest. I could feel the mad pounding of his heart and I thanked God that we had brought Yoga into our lives.

Written by: Lliandrin
Lliandrin's Erotica

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