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How to Kiss and Make Up

Was as it a hectic day for you, or did you have one of those slow days that seem to drag on forever? Well, hopefully when you get home, if you are not home already, you will not have some drama you don't need waiting for you. If you do, we have some ideas about how to quench the drama, deflate your anger and get back to your fun self.

First, you have to start by fighting the right way. Knowing how to have an argument with your honey will go a long way to determine how long you brood over the hurtful things that were said. If your primary goal is to be right when you fight with your guy, then I am afraid you may be constantly setting yourself up for more anger and disappointment, which keeps boiling inside you and ultimately prolongs the time it takes to kiss and make up.

When you fight, do it the right way. Let each party say their piece and make every effort to respect each other's point of view. When you do that, it is quite easy to see where each person is coming from and forgiveness becomes much easier. When you can forgive, then you know you are ready to kiss and make up. Here are some ways to show that you are ready to forgive and move on:

Crack a joke about something he said during your fight - It takes a mature mind to pull back after a fight, really look at what caused a fight, and see the humor in some of the things that were said in the heat of anger. You can do it, if peace and happiness in your relationship is your ultimate aim in whatever you do.

Take a drive and come home with a smile - Take a drive, call a friend, and talk about something else other than the fight you just had with your honey. It does not pay to air your dirty laundry, lest you get the wrong advice from well-meaning and sometimes jealous friends. When you have taken your long drive, come back to the house, but be sure you stroll in with a smile. Your guy will find it difficult to hold on to his stone face - his heart will definitely melt.

Surprise him with a little note - an apology - Write a quick note and stick it on your refrigerator door. Your guy will surely see and will surely forgive you in no time. You can also place it in pocket of the shirt he will be wearing to work the next day, or on the driver's seat of his car. Find a creative place to put it. The more creative you are placing your note, the bigger the surprise.

When he least expects it, give him a hug from the back - When you get the opportunity, sneak up to him from the back and give him a big hug. He will not push you off. Turn him around, apologize and give him a big kiss, and he will forget what you were arguing about.

Have dinner together at home - The stomach is still the key to a man's heart. Order something he loves, or if you can, whip up a mean dish. Cook his favorite and he will forgive you without you tendering any formal apologies. Your efforts will do the apologizing for you - after all, action speaks much louder than words.

Pinch his butt, ease into a French kiss and make love - Believe it or not, men love it when you pinch their butt. They do it to women and when the table is turned on them, they find it quite amusing. Pinching his butt after everyone has cooled off from a fight shows that you are ready to have fun. Just go ahead and plant a wet one on him, and move on to building a loving relationship.

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