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How to Give a Blow Job
by Suzie Harris

There are many positions for giving blow jobs. The best way to find out is to experiment - great for him!

*He can stand, kneel, lie on the bed, or perhaps he prefers when you are lying down and he pushes his penis into your mouth.

*The most important thing is making sure the both of you are comfortable...there is nothing worse than when half way through a blow job your neck is too sore you can't keep going. So, get comfy is the first thing. Experiment and find out what works for you both.

*Decide if you are going to use a condom, if you are, put it on right at the start. It is more erotic if you put it on him. Use it as a tease and caress him at the same time when you are putting the condom on.

*After you have chosen your position, gently start caressing his penis with your hand. This is more of a tease as he knows the best is yet to come.

*Keep teasing with your hands, caressing lightly and then with more pressure all over his balls and his penis. Gently rub your fingers starting from his butt hole all the way to the top of the penis.

*Now start using your mouth. Vary the way you touch and lick him. Lick his balls all over, then lick up and down his penis. Remember that some guys just don't only like it just on top of the penis, they like it everywhere!

*Find the spots that he seems to like the most, and vary the way you lick it. Put the penis in your mouth and lick it all over with your tongue. Keep caressing his balls with your hands - he will tell you if he doesn't like it.

*While his penis is in his mouth gently use your teeth to touch his penis. He might like this different sensation.

*Remember, keep an eye out for his body language. From the noises he makes you will be able to tell if he is liking it or not. If he moves away from you then perhaps you have touched him too hard, or you have hit a spot that he doesn't like. All guys are different. Some love having their balls touched and grabbed, others don't. The only way to find out is to do it, and see his reaction.

*Take a break from sucking on the penis and lick him, starting from right under the balls to right to the top of the penis. Keep using your hands to play with him. The trick is to experiment; you aren't going to know what he likes until you give it a go.

*While licking his balls and penis, give him a hand job. Keep varying what you do. Touch lightly and then with more pressure, lick lightly and then with more pressure. Don't just keep your mouth sucking on his penis. If you keep your mouth on his penis the entire time, you are bound to get a sore mouth. Even if that is his favourite position, it is good to change your position so he has something to look forward to when you return you mouth to his penis.

Play around... *You might like to add some massage oil to the blow job. He might like the feel of something oily on his penis, try it and see what his reaction is.

*Lots of guys like their arses played with as well during the blow job. Try with your hands and your tongue. If you like it, and he likes it, keep going again varying the pressure you put on him.

*If you uncomfortable using your hands or tongue, try experimenting with sex toys like Butt Plugs. He might get off with you using a butt plug on him while you are giving him a blow job. Anal Beads are also great.

*When giving the blow job, also grab his thighs, his arms, look at him in the eye, let him know that you are as into him as he is to you. He wants to know that you are enjoying it as well. Moan as well, really get into the act as it will be better for the both of you, and make you more turned on.

When he is close to finishing....

When he is close to finishing, you will know from his body language, and if you are not sure he will tell you. There are different ways to finish off.

*Some guys love it when the partner swallows the cum, however for some people, they don't like it. There are options.

*If he is not wearing a condom, he can cum on your body, you can swallow it and spit it out or you can finish him off with your hand. Everyone is different, find out what works for the both of you. This experience is going to be the best when you are both into it. Experiment with your hands and mouth, try sex toys and massage oil. Most importantly, enjoy what you are doing and let him know that you love doing it as well, it will be a much more erotic experience if you are both moaning and groaning!

About the Author
Written by Suzie Harris, an expert on all things that happen in the bedroom, particularly love, sex toys and romance. She is the chief contributor to The Lazy Stud http://www.thelazystud.com.au

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