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Hot Tub

John filled up the hot tub. Once the water had had reached the right temperature he motioned Kelly to get in. He looked at her body, taking in her shape. Her full breasts, the curve of her belly, the mound of her pussy and those long legs he loved. As she slipped into the water he turned on the spa and the water began to swirl around her. He stripped off his clothes and sat in the hot tub across from her. He motioned her to him, she rested against him her back to his chest. Looking down he could see her nipples beginning to harden just under the water. He reached up from behind her cupping her breasts, and then began caressing them teasing her nipples. He heard her moan and this excited him, his cock began to harden, pressing against her. He rubbed her nipples, pinching them making them swell even more. Her hand reached under the water to touch his cock. He felt her fingers wrap around him, moving up and down. He pushed her forward till she had released him from her grip.

He lifted her up, making her lean on the edge of the tub. He put his hands beneath her, until her buttocks were exposed. He continued lifting her higher until he could see her wet pussy. He leaned forward and thrust his tongue inside her. Then he slid down to her clit and sucked on it. Twisting it around in his mouth, sucking it and flicking it with his tongue. She pushed in to him and began to breathe heavily, moaning in pleasure as she came all over his face. His cock was throbbing so hard now wanting to enter her. He lifted her gently onto him, teasing her, letting only the large head of his cock enter her. He pulls out, then in again, her muscles gripping him tightly as he teases her. Then he rammed his cock into her waiting pussy with one movement, burying himself deep inside. They both begin moaning as he thrust inside her, the water splashing against their bodies.

As he fucks her, he moves his hand across the soft curves of her ass and rubs his thumb against her anus. He slips his thumb inside, causing her body to jolt suddenly. The sensation drives them both wild. She moans as he thrusts his cock harder into her, and then he shoots his hot cum deep inside her. He keeps thrusting hard into her, his orgasm so strong and long. Then as his spasms stop, he eases his thumb from her ass, slowly taking his cock out of her throbbing pussy. He slips his fingers inside her, and moves them harder and harder into her until her body shudders as waves of pleasure course through her. She screams out loud and he can feel her muscles squeeze tightly around his fingers as her orgasm explodes in a frenzy of wild pleasure. Their bodies spent, they sit back in the water, the bubbles tingling against their skin, as they sip champagne, letting their bodies relax until they are ready to make love again..


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