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Mink's Masquerade

Another gloomy cold wet day . . . typical October weather, I thought to myself, as I looked in the mirror tugging my dress into place. (It's hard to remember a Halloween that wasn't.) I leaned over, adjusting my black fish net hose, smoothing them from my ankle to my thigh, my long legs accentuated by the high slit dress. The spike black heels added to my height, making me close to 6 feet tall. Straightening up again, I could see that my 40D "bad boys" required re-tucking, so I repositioned the exposed nipples pushing them down into the push up bra. I had made the dress to cling to my body, hugging every curve in sleek silky fabric.

The pattern was modified to accommodate a deep plunging neck line. It was squared across the breast, with a deeper V cut into the center, then straight across again, and up to the shoulder. My entire chest area was exposed. The pronounced cleavage was the main focus of my svelte form, and sure to be the center of any attention I received. For emphasis, a black widow spider tattoo was affixed to the inner fullness of my left breast, positioned so that it would appear to be crawling toward my nipple.

Tugging and tucking again, this time at my wig, making sure my strawberry colored hair didn't peek out, and clash against the long black wig hair. I checked my make up. The black false eyelashes were securely in place. Black eyebrows were drawn on with matching shapes. My green eyes stood out against the deep contrast in color, and my full lips were painted a ruby red. Looking down, I inspected my long black nails with silver sparkles. Scanning further down to see my matching toe nails, enhanced by the "come fuck me" heels I was wearing. The final touch. . . I sprayed silver glitter on my hair, chest, breasts, and neck, giving them a special sparkle that would be caught by any light. Finished, my look was now complete!

Stepping back from the mirror, I survey the final product of my efforts, that hair, those eyes, the tits, those legs . . .WOW, is that really me?? I ran my hands down and over my body, enjoying the sensations of watching the image before me sway as I touched her. I had created a character that was somewhere between Elvira and Vamprilla, and a blend of both, I called her "Black Mink". Pleased with the results, I weighed the shock value of my appearance. Those that knew me would be amazed by the transformation, those that didn't, would appreciate the full mysterious effect. "Ready for public display," I mumbled to myself, while I grabbed my coat, purse, plastic vampire fangs, and headed for the door.

Mark's costume party is sure to be a blast for me. We have very few friends in common, so most of his guests won't know who's under this costume. The idea of pretending to be someone else aroused me, my exhibitionism was surfacing, I felt a blush rush over my skin, as I gained the courage to walk out the door. I was empowered with a thrilling sense of sexual prowess and excitement, knowing that I was about to exhibit my "slut side" for all to see.

The party was being held in a ballroom at one of the swanky downtown hotels. Mark spared no expense. As usual, his taste was impeccable. He chose one of the oldest, most regal establishments in the Chicago area. As expected, traffic was a nightmare. I had almost forgotten that I was in costume until I noticed the stares, and gestures from the passengers in the adjacent cars. I just smiled devilishly, nodded and waved as they passed.

I arrived at the hotel and pulled up to the front doors. A valet scurried over to open my door, as I slipped my coat off and placed it on the passenger seat. The young attendant was not prepared for the affect of my costume. He opened the door, automatically holding his hand out to assist me from the car. His mind registered my image as I sat there. My long legs were exposed by the slits of the dress, and my voluptuous peaks frothed forth demanding attention. I took his hand and stepped one leg outside the door, then the other. Standing straight up, I was almost eye to eye with him. I disarmed the poor young stud, his mouth could not form words. With his eyes focused on my spider, he dropped the keys as I handed them to him. I smiled as he bent to pick them up, his eyes scanned down my body all the way to my heels. Fumbling for the keys, he managed an apology, and rose back to his feet. His eyes still glued to my form on the return trip. Giggling, I felt a flush of blood run through my bones, humm . . interesting reaction, I thought to myself. Not too bad for an older broad... yea... I still got it!

I thanked the valet for my ticket, and tucked it into the side of my bra, just so I could devour his shocked expression as he watched. With a big smile, I waltzed toward the hotel lobby, making sure my hips danced with every stride. The doorman opened the door for my entry. A short drunk man, dressed as a flasher, was exiting the building as I entered. Standing in front of me, his nose at breast level, he stared at my spider. Then he started to talk to my chest, and he slurred out a comment about what a nice web I had. Again, tickled by the response, I thanked the top of his head for noticing, stepped to the side, and continued on into the building.

The lobby was filled with people, I could see several dressed in interesting costumes, travelling to and from the ballroom areas. I had attracted more attention than anticipated. I felt the stares as they burned into my skin, I smiled again, and drank in the exhilarating thrill. I searched as I walked, for the marquee that identified where each party was being held. Finding it, I directed my stride toward its display. I noticed a dark figure of a man, standing next to the board as I began my approach. A group of college aged guys make lewd remarks, I ignored them, kept walking, and affirmed to myself that I was going to attract all kinds.

I Walked up to the board, and looked for Mark's party, there... in the Majestic Room. Just as I began to lift my eyes, the dark man spoke to me. "Good Evening," he said. His voice was a deep smooth velvet with what sounded like a French accent. I looked up, he appeared to be dressed in a very well made vampire costume. His eyes were the deepest, darkest blue, almost black, I had ever seen. Mesmerized, I responded, and asked if he was also attending Mark's party. My eyes examined to his clothing. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and cape. A white starched shirt, with no tie, fit neatly across his chest. A silk vest framed his shirt, with a black on black pattern that I couldn't quite make out. The details of his costume were amazing! Even a gold pocket watch, attached with a draping chain, was tucked into his vest pocket. The ensemble was so well put together. I was as if he had selected a character, from one of Anne Rice's books, and brought her pages to life. I was impressed.

He acknowledged my question with a nod, held out his arm, and offered to escort me into the party. Without hesitation, I accepted the gentlemanly 19th century gesture, and took his arm. In truth, I dreaded the thought of walking into the party alone, so this posed the perfect solution. I estimated he was in his late 40's. He wasn't a tall man, in fact, with my heels I was probably a little taller than him. His build was slight. A thick mane of shiny black hair cascaded around his shoulders. The color of his skin was a perfect shade of pale, I wondered what brand of make up he used, it looked better than mine. . . He had nailed the sexy vampire look.

We entered the room, quite the spectacle to behold, as if we had coordinated our costumes. I felt relieved by his company, since I didn't have to fend off any inbound perverts. In fact, no one seems to notice us at all! So much for that "shock value," I thought. I scanned the room, looking for our host, but I didn't see him. Strange, I didn't seem to recognize any of the other faces either. We walked toward the bar. I felt strangely quiet, subdued. Much unlike my usual manner, and my mind seemed slightly foggy. I figured after a few drinks, I would loosen up, and it would shake the cobwebs out. I ordered a White Russian. As I Waited for my drink, I asked him his name and where he was from. He responded by saying "I am called Dante'." Odd use of context, I thought. Then he proceeded to state that he had been "overseas" for many years, and left it at that.

I sipped my drink. My mind felt more and more dulled, but my body seemed to be gaining sexual momentum, and was aroused more by the alcohol. That's not too unusual for me. I always get extremely horny when I drink, but normally after I've belted back a few. Just as I was going to bring up his place of origin, two female friends approached Dant'e. They exchanged kisses on both cheeks, as they greeted each other.

They spoke in a language I couldn't identify. Their dates seemed as surprised as I was with the words they spoke. I could tell the two men were American. Both dressed in costumes. One was the Grim Reaper, with the flowing robes and sickle. The other was a large athletic type, donned to look like the wrestler, Jessie Ventura. (A popular costume this year, I mused, there were at least 4 others in the room.)

The women were also dressed in black, like Dante'. The first appeared to be a medieval damsel, with the classic pointed hat. The other was wearing an elaborate French Louis XIV ball gown, and carrying a silver opera mask. Both were so authentic looking it was chilling. Dant'e introduced the damsel as Minerva, and the French aristocrat as Angelica. One of the Americans, the reaper, reached in and said his name was Ron. Then the other put his hand out and said his name was Paul. I responded with a smile, shook their hands, and said "Hi, I'm Mink."

We stood around the bar talking. I mainly spoke with Ron and Paul, while the others continued with their foreign conversation. Much like me, they had just met the women, and had never seen them around before. There seemed to be an eerie quite between us, our words and reactions slowed or somehow muffled. The fever in my loins was heightened with each sip of my drink. I noticed that Paul seemed to be having a similar reaction, his shorts tightened as a familiar pattern formed. I glanced over at Ron, but those robes could have been concealing a raging hard on for all I knew. I just couldn't tell if he was experiencing the same sexual preoccupation.

Dante's conversation had stopped, he looked over at us, and suggested that we move our party to his suite in the hotel. Minerva and Angelica were quick to agree, and stated it was an excellent idea. Every instinct of my being screamed NO! However, my mouth said yes, and my body rose from the bar stool to follow them. NO... I DON'T WANT to go with them! What has happened, why didn't my body listen to me? What was going on? Why did I see a vivid image of a lamb being led to the slaughter? My panic peaked. Why hasn't anyone even noticed me? Oh God, nobody even knows I was here! Something is wrong... very very wrong!

Ron and Paul followed behind me, as we all walked toward the elevators. My mind raced as it tried to logically justify my absurd reactions. I looked over at the guys, and they too appeared to be just going through the motions. No chatting, just silence. The elevator doors opened, we entered. Dant'e inserted a key, and selected the penthouse. The doors closed, and the elevator began its journey. Silence. Lambs... I could see images of lambs in my mind...

The doors opened. Before us was the foyer of an elaborate penthouse suite. The elegance was second to none. My mind was defensively focused on the ornate details displayed. While my body seemed on auto pilot, as it followed orders I wasn't giving. Standing in the suite's living area, Dante' offered us all another drink, the three of us eagerly accepted. I felt my nipples harden suddenly. Then I noticed that Dante', Minerva, and Angelica were not indulging with us. Come to think of it, I don't think I'd seen any of them drink anything all evening.

My knees bent, and I found myself nestled into the over stuffed couch. A sudden pulsing urge warmed over my crotch. Ron and Paul took their seats next to me, one on each side, and settled in a little closer than I had thought appropriate. Panic filled my head again. My mind had decided it was definitely time to leave, but no internal command or order I issued was obeyed.

Dante' sat across from us, in a large matching chair. Minerva and Angelica sitting on each side of him, perched on the padded arms, both with one arm resting across the back of his chair. Almost as if he was the emperor and they were his harem. They seemed to stare at us, and spoke only in their native tongue. I couldn't speak. My only action involved placing the drink to my lips and sipping. I glanced over at Paul, his hardened manhood was demanding attention, and beckoned for release. Ron's robes now conformed to the shapes of his form. I could see that he too had a rigid member, freed enough to tent the robes in his lap. Neither of them made the slightest attempt to conceal their obvious erections. Now I was sure that they were experiencing the same inability to function normally.

Suddenly, I felt my head swoon, my body filled with a wanton lust, unlike any I've ever experienced. I witnessed my knees spread apart, my legs open, pressing and nudging against the male legs on each side of me. I watched in amazement, as my hands caressed down my body, stopping to squeeze my breasts, freeing a nipple from my dress. My mouth opened, and my fingers entered, my tongue licking to moisten them. Then back to my nipple, the middle finger traced the saliva in circles, and I pinched at my erupted bud.

This stimulated my hunger all the more. My other hand moved down my torso, abiding my pussy's ache to be acknowledged, touched, and fingered. My eyes open, I could see Ron's hand grab his prominent erection. He squeezed and stroked his rigid pole right through the robes. Paul rubbed at his restricted hard on. He ran his hand along the length of the shaft, and teased the unyielding outline with his fingers. Both cupped and massaged their balls with their free hands. Feverishly they enjoyed the feel of their own cocks. Just the site of their masturbation increased the ache of carnality that mounted in me.

My body and actions were not my own, I was being controlled like a puppet. Dante'! It was Dante', I knew it. I could sense it. He was some how living through me! Orchestrating his fantasy using my body. He caused me to experience a consciousness I never dreamed possible. I was sure the guys had also fallen victim to the same dark power, and they must have experienced the same helplessness I felt. Our minds were fully aware of the arena around us, but helpless to respond, coerced into betraying our bidding.

Minerva and Angelica had each selected a man to govern, and commenced to dictate their fantasies. The idea of hard cocks, dominated solely by the whim of women, sent an overwhelming thrill of erotic delight through me. I was on the receiving end of two men, all their actions manipulated by the minds of these women. Oh, what a rare, bizarre, and bewitching encounter. I didn't care how or why any more... I only wanted to savor this decadent adventure!

All three of us stood up, almost simultaneously. I could see the confused terror in the eyes of both Ron and Paul, and I have to admit, they probably saw the same in mine. I looked, as my hands pealed the costume from my body. The dress and hose dropped to the floor, which left me standing in my bra and panties. Ron's reaper robes we already at his feet, his erect organ stood straight out, poking through the slot of his boxers. Paul removed his tight wrestler shorts, his unrelenting cock palpitated in the air, as it was freed from its restraints. Both men possessed impressive sex tools, hard, sizeable, throbbing instruments of pleasure. I wanted these men as they stood naked before me in all their glory! I tried to reach, to touch, to feel them, to no avail. My head swam again. The lust intensified within me each time I tried to force my will, reassume my actions, or regain command of my own body.

The dark ones stood, and led the way to the bedroom. Inside there was a king sized bed, crowned by a canopy. Across the room stood a large overstuffed settee, where the dark ones assumed the same positions as before. We walked in behind them, our sexual appetites never waning. We stood at the edge of the bed, as if waiting for further instructions. My body crawled across to the middle of the bed. Positioned in the center, lying on my back, I sensed that I was some type of king.

My passions were piqued. My nipples hardened, my pussy pulsed, each anticipated the events to follow. Ron held my dress, and tore it at the seams. My impulse to stop him, caused my head to spin. Ron took the torn pieces, and handed a few panels to Paul. They walked to the head of the bed, grasped my hands, and used the fabric to tie my wrists to each side of the bed posts. They proceeded to the foot of the bed, each taking an ankle and tied them down in the same manner.

Every fibre of my being wanted to participate, but I was being denied that pleasure. A flush of arousal rushed through my veins, and I sensed an image of curious bewilderment. It occurred to me that Dante' was their master, and for a change, the women were exercising a display of dominance over his power. I sensed Dante's excitement.

Ron slipped into the bed on my right side, and Paul positioned himself on my left. Their hands began running down my curves, caressing, and kneading as they travelled. Ron pulled at my bra and released the clasps. My breasts spilled out and covering my chest with their splendour. The nipples were already erect, as Ron pinched and began to suckle them, alternating one after the other. Paul tore my panties, and ripped them from between my spread legs. His fingers probed the dampness, seeking my button. Electricity surged through me, as their cocks slowly travelled the sides of my legs, hips, waist, and tits. They rubbed their rigid tools up and down, in unison, as they travelled the length of my body, on both sides, in a sensual ballet. Stopping frequently to push their hardness into my skin with rolling hips, as they conducted their dance in stereo. What a luscious sensation, the hunger and craving had made me delirious... I wanted more, so much more.

I succumbed to Dant's authority, a sweet surrender, giving him complete jurisdiction... his puppet to manipulate. I was engulfed in a lust filled craze that only sought to satisfy its self. Their dance concluded, Ron crawled slowly down toward my damp aching pussy. As Paul lifted himself to his knees, and straddled my shoulders. My lips hungered to taste the hard cock that twitched in front of my face, relieved as my tongue darted from my mouth, attempting to lick his throbbing meat. He teased me, running his hot dick down my nose and cheek, leaving behind a stream of pre-cum in its path. My mind purred with pleasure, as he gently slapped his cock against my cheek and lips. He fed me his cock. My mouth clamped down around him, the flavor of his fluid and skin ignited my passions to a new level. He pulled back slowly, and then shoved deeper, his hips rolled against my face.

Ron had positioned himself between my thighs, lying on his stomach, he kissed my thick swollen outer lips, and a shiver went up my spine. Paul's cock was still pumping into my mouth, as Ron spread my engorged lips, and I felt my pink clit leap forward. Ready. His hot tongue licked at the opening to my canal, and ran teasingly upward, stopping to make small circles around my upright button. His lips came down around my erection, tightening to roll my womanhood between his lips. Then sucked me into him with a gentle in and out rhythm. The ecstasy I felt was overwhelming, the surges of orgasmic rapture took my soul. I came in his face, with an intensity that convulsed my body. I screamed, but no sound passed through my lips. The pleasure was incredible, like none I'd ever know before. No man has ever eaten me out with such skill and precision... so this is how it would feel to be pleasured by a woman? (Another adventure I had yet to take.)

Paul pulled back from my mouth, his manhood was beautiful to behold. A dense ridge pulsed on the underside of his shaft, capped at the top with a bulbous silky head, swollen and dark. His tightened balls, waited to release their gifts. He climbed off me, his hands leading his way down my body. I saw Ron straddled my shoulders, as his equally impressive cock, brushed against my lips. My tongue was fully extended, he laid his cock on top, and slid back and forth, as he allowed me to lick the entire shaft. Paul fingered my petals, his position was now between my legs. The head of his dick teased at the opening to my tunnel. They timed their entries to occur simultaneously, Ron slipped into my mouth, as Paul pushed past my inner lips, into the mouth of my cunt.

My body hungered. I felt the walls of my vagina tighten and grab hold of his cock. Waves from my inner pulsing muscles radiated up and down the length of his inserted member. My cunt tightened and released with each thrust of his hips. His hands grabbed my ass, he lifted my torso to enter deeper, and filled my entire tunnel with his meat. The pulse of my walls and the thrusts of his cock, caused the waves of orgasmic bliss to engulf me again. Equally as intense as the first, but still no screams were heard.

Ron retracted from my mouth, as Paul exited my body, they crawled over me to change places again. Paul's cock feverishly entered my mouth, he pumped his hips and forced my head down on him. Ron's cock rubbed my stiff throbbing clit, my wetness lubricated his movements. He pointed himself down, as he spread the juices over my ass with his engorged applicator, teasing my pucker with the head. Poking slowly, his head rims the very opening, and deflowered my ass.

My heart raced with a twinge of pain, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. He lifted my hips, bringing me closer to him, as he pushed further into the endless well of my nether region. He retreated slowly, then penetrated forward again, deeper than before, all my senses heightened. I could feel myself squirm in his grasp, as Ron slipped his fingers into my cunt, and his thumb massaged my clit. His pace increased, his hot rod burrowed deep up my ass with each thrust, harder... deeper. I could tell that my hips were pushing back against him, rolling as they greeted every entry. They were fucking my face, my ass, my pussy, I could feel a thumb working my button, as balls slapped my ass and chin! I surrendered, and the waves of orgasm rushed over me again. My mind screams out from the intense pleasure, more powerful than before, but still no sound.

Ron could feel my orgasm pulse through my muscles. I could feel his massive cock throbbing and hardening with his frenzied pace. Paul's fingers grabbed my hair. He pushed and pulled my head to meet the rhythm of his hips, as his dick thrusting down my throat. Ron's hands tightened around my ass, while he rocked me down against him. I could feel his explosion, as hot streams of cum shoot deep into my body. My muscles milked every drop from his twitching tube. At the same time, Paul held my head down on him, his cock fucked my mouth at a furious pace, then forcefully released his cream. As his tasty sperm spurts down my throat, my mouth sucks hard to drain his hose, and clean him of the residue.

Spent, Ron and Paul lie down next to me. Still no words or sounds passed through our lips. I noticed the dark ones had risen from their chair, came toward us, and stood at the foot of the bed. They each crawled up our legs. Still tied, I looked down to see Dante' approach, and I felt his kiss on the inside of my upper thigh. Cold? He was icy cold. How odd, I thought, as strange shiver ran up my spine.

Suddenly a bolt of incredible pain flooded my senses. "Did he just bite me?" My mind panicked! Just then an eerie rush thrilled through my veins. I could feel my soul draining, while being replaced by an orgasmic bliss that grew with each loss of my being. An orgasm that lasted an eternity, more intense, satisfying, and terrifying than anything I could imagine. A darkness slowly crept over me, I was falling, spiraling toward an unknown destination.

Black... complete darkness engulfed me. I gasped for air, and clutched my chest as I sat straight up. My heart pumping and beating so hard, I couldn't hear anything else. I looked toward the night stand, and spied the time, 3:15 am illuminated the face. God, it was the middle of the night. I scanned the room, noted that everything was in its place, exactly as I had left it.

Dazed and confused, I could feel the dampness between my legs. My hand explored, finding that my cum juices had soiled the sheets and my gown. A dream? It was all a wet dream and a terrifying nightmare?! I looked at my costume, pressed, and waiting to be worn at tomorrow's party. Was I having a premonition? Was it an omen of some kind? A warning? Should I not go to the party?

Naww, it's just my imagination running away again. Although, I may want to pay attention to it, take heed so to speak. Maybe I should change something, just in case... I know... rethink the shoes.

Author 'Mink"
Reprinted with permission

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