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All By Myself, Alone

I miss you. I can't sleep. The bed seems so empty without you next to me. There's no use in trying to force myself to sleep, so I sit up and light a cigarette.

The roses you sent me yesterday are in full bloom. Their fragrance somehow makes me feel a little less lonely. I'm wearing my green satin teddy, you know, the one that laces up the front, the one that you love. Do you remember the last time I wore it? When we made that hot, hot video and then made the most wonderful, passionate love? I can't wait till you're home. I need to try and get some sleep.

Lying back down, I look over at the roses and my thoughts drift back to last night. We made love, enough to last us until your return. Only, it wasn't enough. Remembering it just gets me horny for you. My hands involuntarily go to my breasts, and my nipples begin to harden under the satin. I love the feel of this teddy, and slowly glide my hands over it. Returning to my breasts, I run my thumbs over my nipples, and gently pinch them. They're getting harder and I want to feel your mouth on them, your tongue swirling it's way around, your teeth gently scraping.

Slowly untying the ribbon on my teddy, I slide my hands inside. My skin feels so hot. Covering my breasts with my hands, I knead them firmly, but gently. They feel so good. Lifting one breast to my mouth, my tongue encircles my nipple, coaxing it to get even larger still. Sucking it sends tingles right between my legs, and I can feel myself moistening. My pussy involuntarily contracts.

Gliding my hands down my stomach, I slide the teddy down over my hips and kick it off my legs. I can no longer take my time; my pussy is throbbing, crying out for attention. My hands move between my legs, lingering for just a moment on my heart-shaped red patch that you so lovingly designed for me. The contrast of feeling it and then my smooth shaved lips is exciting me even more. My hand remains on my outer lips, delighting in their softness, until slowly, deliberately, I spread them apart.

My finger slides deep inside and I squeeze it tight. God, how I wish it was your cock. Slippery with my juices, I run my finger lightly over my clit and it hardens under my touch. Slightly spreading two fingers, I run them along either side of my clit and into my hole. In and out, again and again, each time bring more of my nectar out with them. Each time pressing tighter against my clit.

I'm at the edge and I can't hold back any longer. Using both hands I spread my pussy wider and using one finger, I press hard on my clit, stroking it, rolling it harder and faster as I feel the waves begin. My body tenses, hips rising, all feeling centered on my pussy and the floodgates open. With each contraction, my pussy ejaculates a stream of my sweet honey. I'm cumming the way you love. A river running into my hands and flooding the bed. Two fingers slip deep inside me, and I fuck myself hard with them, while my thumb continues working on my clit. Again and again my body tenses, and each time brings another gush of hot juice onto my hand, another scream of pleasure from my lips. Until I finally become so swollen, so sensitive, that I can't bear even the slightest touch.

My hand rests on the outside of my pussy, holding it, soothing it until it calms. Gradually, my heartbeat and breathing return to normal. Rolling over, I grab your pillow and scrunch it up against me. I am sated, content and sleep will soon overtake me. Before I drift into alpha stage, though I slide over, away from the area drenched by the deluge. Why didn't I do this on your side of the bed?


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