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Adult Dating: Master the Art of the internet Booty Call

Though the conversation may feel steamy, and the pictures are arousing, it takes skills to turn an adult dating chat into a successful booty call.

What is the person on the other side of the chat line really interested in?   If you want a deliciously sensual encounter with no strings attached, it's difficult to find another person with the same intentions and integrity to back up words with action.  Adult dating sites let you experiment with erotic talk, but when it comes to setting up a quick rendezvous, there is an art to mastering the online booty call.

Are they for real?

There is a certain sense of disappointment on adult dating sites.  A potential match might lead you to believe that the night contains a great deal of fun and excitement, and you wind up alone and cold because he or she never showed up to seal the deal.

What questions can you ask to find out if a person's words will be sincerely backed up by their actions?  You should establish a sense of credibility by reviewing what the person says for consistency.  In addition, you should determine that you are either talking about a one night stand, a casual hook up here and there - or everywhere else in between.

People need to present evidence to you in some fashion that they are actually in your general area, truly available for a good time.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did the person provide real pictures? 
  2. Is the person able to answer relevant questions about your general area? 
  3. Is the person willing to talk on the phone about a potential meeting?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you might be looking at a major scam of disappointment a person who is all talk and no action.

Calling all swingers!

Swingers are one of the many exciting sub-groups that frequent adult dating sites.  Casually mention the idea of swingers in your conversation, just to get a better idea of what your potential match has in mind.

If you are interested in the concept of swinging, then adult dating sites are a great place for you to seek out sexual fun.

Get to the point.

If you're in the market for authentic booty call, then make sure you disclose this information in a timely fashion.  Keep it simple.  A potential match with a similar interest will also be quick to let you know that they are in the market.  However, even those who frequent adult dating sites may not be open to the fast-paced idea.

If you present the idea to someone on an adult dating site, and it is not welcomed, just try and try again.

Consider their feelings, but put that individual on the back burner.  That card may come in handy at a later sexual date.

Avoid any site that discourages swingers, advertises for wedding planners, or has pictures of people walking hand-in-hand on a beach.   You want to make sure that your sexual desires will be met by those who are just as enthusiastic as you are about escapades in the bedroom - and beyond.

Having met her partner on an adult dating site in 2004, Aelicia Anderson is now one of the industry's biggest supporters. She writes a popular swingers advice column.  http://www.flingfinder.com.au

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