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anal probe
Wild Thing
Spine-a-flex stem holds it's bendable shape. Excellent for deep anal probing. Vibrates the wild instinct in you! Measures 8"x 1 1/4".
"I have a hard time convincing my girlfriend that we can have sex without it! She convinced me to try it and I'm still seeing stars."

jelly dildo
Hot Pinks - Curved Penis
Soft pliable jelly dongs with Glitter. Multi-speed vibrations. You will love the soft feel of this, it will really rock you!
"I ordered the 8 1/2 inch model and all I can say is WOW! I wasn't expecting it to be so thick! This one really fills you up!"

realistic cock dildo
John Holmes Realistic Cock
Man or horse?? Molded from the legendary John Holmes. This cock is truly colossal! Comes with 'The History of John Holmes' book. 12" x 3"
"This thing is awesome. My wife LOVES it and I can't believe how hard she comes with this toy in her pussy."

venus butterfly for women
Remote Control Butterfly
This beautiful and soft pliable butterfly is controlled by a small and compact WIRELESS remote with an easy On/Off switch. Fully adjustable straps for a snug and comfortable fit.!
"Baby it makes me fly away...... to another dimension. give me more. ... thank god for the butterfly.....!"

vibrators and dildos
Octo - Pussy
An Ultra-Powerful dual action jelly vibrating wonder of the Sea. Feel the sultry tentacles arouse your wanting lips and let the thick shaft venture deep inside your moist embrace.
"The most awesome sex toy I have owned. It can make me come 3 times in 5 minutes. I would spend my last dollar on this toy!!"

sex toys and sex aids for women
Remote Control Egg
Sleek, newly designed egg with retrieval wire and easy to use remote. Think of the fun you can have with this little treasure. !
"Very nice toy, made me cum six times the first time I got it out of the box. I love this toy egg, it's the best buy I have ever made for myself. A must have for all women who play!"

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