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At 'For The Girls'
our philosophy is fairly simple.

We know that women are sexual beings. We know that women enjoy looking at sexually explicit material. And we know that women also want to be entertained, informed and given their money’s worth. So For The Girls aims to keep you satisfied, in every possible way.

To this end we’ve collected a huge amount of explicit photos, both of sexy men (all of whom are straight) and of couples. Whether it’s hunky beefcake, or quality hardcore sex scenarios, we’ve done our best to make sure the female point of view is paramount. This means we offer more good looking guys, more cunnilingus photos, more foreplay pics, more intimacy and kissing, more eye contact and more importantly, more respect.

Our features section is full of fascinating pics, movies and articles. If you love male strippers, we’ve got incredible footage from real strip shows, plus we get down and dirty with one of the guys. We also visit with the men from Puppetry of the Penis and find out exactly what motivates them to do strange things with their dicks (you should see the photos!). We’ve got an amazing autofellatio gallery and we talk to men who can suck their own dicks, just to find out if they ever leave the house…

Ladies, it's time for TOTAL SATISFACTION
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Want to see the pics?? Two galleries of a hot and sultry Latina guy for you to enjoy

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Who'd have thought that average guys stripping in their living room would be
so hilarious!

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